Insurance Company Real Estate Investment Group Bonuses

Is anyone familiar with bonus structures for the large insurances companies within their real estate investing divisions? (Met Life, Prudential Real Estate Investors, Allianz, NY Life, AIG, etc.). This would be for entry level investment analyst roles. Anyone know how much one can expect? Or does anyone have any insight into compensation progression? (Northeast major metro).


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Nov 26, 2015 - 6:24am

At my life co, everyone has a base salary and then a "target bonus". Everyone is rated on a 1-5 scale at the end of the year and each rating has a bonus multiplier recommendation. 3 might be 75%-150%, 4 might be 140% - 250%, etc.

Example: analyst with a 75k base and a 20k target bonus. You get rated a 3 (which is what 80% of people are) and your manager gives you 120% of your bonus target for a bonus of 24k.

Something to keep in mind is that managers have ultimate discretion as all of the ranges are simply recommendations. So if there isn't enough $ in the pool to fund everyone at 100%, someone is going to get screwed. Or if they give someone 120%, someone else has to get less (assuming the pool was only funded at 100%).

This is just for analyst/associate; once you hit director, you also get long term performance awards and interest in the fund/portfolio you manage (if you are a PM)

Jul 10, 2016 - 7:36pm

Hi mrcheese321, thanks very much for that info. Can you provide more insight on the bonus structure (average, 3 rating, 4 rating, 5 rating, etc) and what one would need to do to on a daily/weekly/etc (hours, work, everything) basis to be in the top tier (4-5 rating)? Also, what is the target bonus for a first year analyst starting in the Real Estate Investment group of a lifeco like Pru/Metlife/John Hancock, etc usually? Thank you!

Jul 11, 2016 - 10:56am

At my company, there aren't any 1s or 5s. We basically only use 2 through 4. 2 means start looking for a new job, 3 is average (as I said before, about 80% of people) and 4 means they are trying to promote you.

There isn't a set method to getting a 4. I've been a 4 for three of the five years I've been here and a 3+ the other two. That includes my first review which was a stub year, which made getting a 4 impossible. My other 3+ was the first year after my promotion; there is a house rule that you can't get a 4 the year after you get promoted.

I worked 40 hours flat my stub year and first full year (back then, analysts were paid overtime and my boss didn't want to). From then to now it has probably averaged 50 hours a week, with more or less time depending on what project I'm working on. However, one thing to note, I wasn't a 22 year old analyst when I came here, I was 26 and had extensive modeling/valuation experience.

Most analysts that are straight out of school should just figure on getting the base bonus their first year and then talking with their manager on how to get a 4/make more.

Right now, target bonus for an analyst is around 20% of base. Associates are around 35% and Sr. Associates are about 60%.

Jul 12, 2016 - 7:57am


Example: analyst with a 75k base and a 20k target bonus.

Chiming in to confirm this. $80/$25 is a number I got from a buddy of mine

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