Interview Attire - Sophmore looking for summer internship

I am a sophmore looking for a summer internship. Ive never really had to interview before and am not totally sure whats appropriate. For example... I have an informational style interview with an associate of a family member at his office. It's really casual in the sense that I'm hes offered to answer any questions I have about the field and give me some advice. Should I wear Khakis and a jacket or go classier and wear a suit. What about for an actual interview for a summer internship? Im guessing a nice suit. I have never owned a suit or a jacket and am not sure where to start.


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Apr 4, 2010

If its just an informational interview I wouldn't wear much more than nice khakis and a shirt, maybe a jacket. Unless he works somewhere really conservative or he's really high up or something. For an interview, always go with suit and tie unless told otherwise. Suit doesn't have to be expensive at all, mine was less than $250.

Apr 4, 2010

Do some searched on this site. Always wear a suit and bring a few resumes. Its better to be overdressed than underdressed. Take it from someone who has gone on a lot of informational interviews.

Apr 4, 2010

Definitely wear a suit to interviews, but I'd go with a basic khakis/navy blazer to most informational interviews - it will fit in pretty much anywhere.

Apr 6, 2010