Investment banking opportunities in Canada

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Im planning to become a investment banker in Canada.. I want to know which US based or Canadian based Investment banks hire analysts in Canada.
Also please let me know the salaries if possible.

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Feb 4, 2020

In Canada, there is the big 5 Canadian banks + national bank along with a couple boutiques/MM players like canaccord, laurentian, paradigm, etc.

There are also a couple EB like Evercore, greenhill, Lazard present in Canada. Finally there is pretty much every one of the BB like Goldman, jp Morgan , Morgan Stanley, BAML, Citi, credit Suisse, etc. With varying levels of presence. Maybe DB is the only bank not present in some ib capacity in Canada. Since Toronto is a huge hub, there tends to Be some presence of other players like hsbc, mufg, stifel, etc. Pretty much no MM players from the us though, so a lot less positions in general in Canada.

The main cities are Toronto and Calgary (oil and gas specialized). Secondary cities are Montreal and Vancouver . All the big 5 cdn banks + national are round in all four Canadian cities mentioned but most of the big EB and BB firms or global firms are based only in Toronto or Calgary if they have O&G and infra/nr teams.

Generally, the teams go as shown below

Toronto - Diversified (pretty much everything and closest thing To New York there is in Canada)

Montreal - Diversified and Mining (these teams handle a lot of Quebec deal flow - don't have to be able to speakFrench but it helps)

Calgary - oil and gas and infra/nr

Vancouver - mining and natural resources (small city)

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Feb 4, 2020
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