Is it common for product control within BB to move to either Market Risk, Valuation Control, Treasury, or Liquidity Risk?

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Hello WSO,

I am currently working for a large financial services firm in a commodities product control function ( with prior experience in fixed-income product control), and I was wondering where I could move internally within my firm. I don't want to ask around my firm on internal opportunities just yet, so I thought WSO would be a good forum to ask questions on potential career opportunities.

So, how common is it and how easy is it for someone working in product control at a large financial institution to move internally to either a Market Risk, Valuation Control, Treasury, or a Liquidity Risk role (provided of course you preform well in your current role)? Does this move usually require a CFA or higher education?

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Jan 24, 2017

Looking at potential career moves just fyi for next year (2018) either do an MBA, or move internally within my bank.

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Jan 24, 2017

I have seen those moves happen at my firm. Jumping from BO to MO or MO to MO is not uncommon. Moving from product control over to IBD or S&T is now a different story. What you need to do is network with the right people, kill your performance review, and have at least a year under your belt with the firm. Key is to know the right people. Good luck!

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Jan 24, 2017

In terms of a MO to MO switch. How would that process work? Would you still have to high performance reviews or would something such as above avg performance review work? Apologies for the specifics, but I've been working in PC for about a year and after my second year I ideally would like to work in market risk, if not market risk then valuation control would be a second preference.

Jan 24, 2017

Having a high performance review applies to anywhere and to any role you apply to. It is likely that the hiring manager of the new role you're applying to will look at your performance review and/or talk with your current manager about your performance. Like I said again, if you want to break in, say, market risk, knowing a person, even at an analyst level at the group will be a huge advantage to you. An internal reference paves a long way when it comes hiring a new candidate.

Jan 24, 2017