Is there a firm or group I should target to do this kind of consulting?

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Hi all,

I'm currently working as an M&A consultant and my group does a broad range of work which i've been lucky enough to pretty much cover in my time here. I've figured that our work tends to distil into three separate buckets

1 - Work with high level clients to gather the data, then work with team to write a report for the client detailing what the end state should be and or our findings based on the data (e.g. buyside dd / sell side SID etc)

2 - Work with slightly less high level clients to create the roadmap to a predetermined end state, work internally to develop analysis to drive the discussion but work very closely with the client to create the roadmap (e.g. post integration synergy identified was through application rationalisation. We developed the roadmap for this and through analysis suggested which applications they should use for each thing)

3 - Work with all members of the business with sponsorship from high level client to execute and implement a roadmap that has already been defined (e.g. gather app lists, determine migration methods and execute them)

I realised I really enjoy number 2 and was wondering if anyone new any firms that specialised in this or if specific groups in firms did this? Doesn't have to be M&A related work


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Jun 30, 2020

from the sound of it, it looks like Transaction Advisory Service and Private Equity Due Diligence practices.

From what I know, the firms that specialize in PE DD: LEK, Bain, EY-Pantheon

The firms that specialize in TAS: PwC, Deloitte

I may be skewed from my own experience, perhaps someone more senior can shed some more light on the matter.

Jun 30, 2020