IU Kelley vs Vanderbilt Owen (MBA)

Greetings everyone!

Just as the title suggests, I'm curious which of those options would give me a better shot for what I'm trying to do. I'm a former Army officer who is trying to go into IB. I'm not targeting PE/HF in the long run. My goal is to make a career in NYC IB, preferably with a respected boutique.

I'm sitting on offers from Kelley and Vandy for their MBA program. I have been told that on-campus recruiting at both schools is relatively limited but I've also already been put in touch with alumni who have been successful that I'll be talking to....but again both are individual cases and may not represent the typical results.

Will either of those schools support that goal given the proper preparation and networking effort, or would I be better served by throwing out a last minute application to some Northeastern regional school's final MBA rounds?

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Mar 24, 2015 - 8:16am

It's going to be tough to break into NYC IB from either school, but it sounds like you are aware of that. I know CS picked up a couple Owen guys in recent history. Never seen a Kelley grad (mba, ton of UGs obvi). Possible IU gives you a better shot a chicago? But I have no justification for this thought. If these were my choices I'd go with Vandy.

Without more specifics can't comment on northeast schools.

Good luck. This will be all networking.

"They are all former investment bankers that were laid off in the economic collapse that Nancy Pelosi caused. They have no marketable skills, but by God they work hard."
Mar 24, 2015 - 3:20pm

I can assure you this is false.

"They are all former investment bankers that were laid off in the economic collapse that Nancy Pelosi caused. They have no marketable skills, but by God they work hard."
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Mar 24, 2015 - 3:23pm


Easy C:

I'm a bit curious now too. Vanderbilt lists Goldman Sachs as a "top employer" of their alumni but no information about where and what function.

I looked into their MSF a few years ago, and while I cannot substantiate this claim, I was told that the MBA places very well into GS's IB associate program by the lady who heads the MSF program.

Owen sent 6 students into IB according to their 2013 employment report. Doesn't look like they are placing all that solid in IB regardless of bank.
Apr 9, 2015 - 12:44pm

I heard Vandy MSF has chances for IB... I doubt it for a little for IU-B MSF, because that's an online-only degree.
I wonder if it helps to checkout IU Kelley and Vandy Owens' Linkedin Page. You can break down alum profiles by location and industry. Then you can see some sample names with positions

Apr 13, 2015 - 9:48am


He's asking about MBA, not MSF!!

Your point is correct--however,
IU Kelley is a UG accounting school. Vandy is semi-target. thus looking at MSF placements is a reasonable reference--if you don't have alums on the street AND the school doesnt have OCR, your degree won't help much.

also for reasonableness sake, I'd look at IU Kelley's goals for Chicago IB. It is far closer to Chicago than NYC

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