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Jun 15, 2018

They may ask you about Federal Reserve Bank (FED) and how efficient is there current policy. Questions may very from banking to investments, mostly they ask questions on macro economics and policies. Discount rate has increased so much due to inflation so they might ask you about [bank rate or discount rate][], they will also ask you about world economics such as why African and Asian countries are poor and how can we improve the financial status of such countries

Jun 16, 2018

On that I had a dumb question. What is the difference between Fed Funds rate and discount rate. When on the news they talk about the fed raising rate do they refer mostly to the fed fund rates? Do they do that through OPMC which I assume they sell bonds through the market to raise rate?

Jun 16, 2018

Hey man,

You're on it with the bonds and the FMOC.

Prime > Broker > Discount > Fed funds

Its the the different rates that the market agrees on for persons and institutions. The prime rate is what retail lends to people like you and me. Broker rate is pretty self explanatory. The Discount rate is what the FED will lend to the large member banks. Finally the fed funds rate is what the banks lend to each other overnight to make sure that they have the proper funds on hand to meet regulation requirements.

Jul 3, 2018

hey JP already had their superday for 2019 Asset Mangament? do you know if this is the only superday theyre having?

Jul 7, 2018

They already had early recruiting and diversity recruiting. I do think there is still 2 superdays left one in August and one in October/November. I suppose they give the deadline for a reason.

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Jul 9, 2018

So you already went to their AM superday last month? Just curious but did you apply to AM clients or products?

Jul 19, 2018


Jul 25, 2018