Lateral Up or Promotion?

I am a post-MBA consultant at one of the major consulting shops just outside of MBB. I am up for early promotion in my second year and it is likely that I will receive the promotion. I'm not sure I want to leave, I like my firm, but I'd like to reapply and at least consider transitioning to MBB.

My question is, would it be easier to apply and get interviews now? I went to an M7 and interviewed with MBB. But I'm not sure if I need something on my resume to stand out, such as an early promote to manager.

If I do wait to get early promote (which I would think indicates top performance to MBB), does that preclude me from a generalist experience? I.e. will that start me off in a more specialized role? Also, to avoid having to come in as a post-MBA? I.e. what length of time at manager is normal to lateral at the same level?

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Feb 7, 2019