LBS MiM / LSE Global MiM / HEC-Yale M2M

Hi all, I'm in the fortunate position of having to choose between these three programs. They are all stellar but it is a difficult decision for me for various reasons. They are:
LBS MiM (1 year)
LSE Global MiM (2 years)
HEC-Yale Double Degree (2 years) in Management + Global Business and Society

Few facts about me
-I'm looking to do consulting in London after the Masters, but would be open to opportunities in the US should those open up from Yale SOM.
-Non-EU citizen, making it preferable to be in London for study to find jobs
- limited consulting/business experience, thus leaning toward a 2-year program to build that during the breaks for internships.
-Particularly conscious about brand name because my UK undergrad institution is a non-target. I understand that LBS travels far but probably not as well known in Asia-Pacific (where I'm from) compared to LSE. HEC even less so than LBS. Yale is Yale, but SOM is (supposedly) not as well regarded as LBS?

As you can see it's a pretty difficult decision. LBS would probably be the best choice if not for my limited business experience which may hinder any job hunt in the UK (thus warranting a 2 year degree). Between LSE and HEC-Yale, the latter probably has the better program (more practical) and gives exposure to two international environments. But LSE has great brand value and is in London, plus allows for a CEMS Double degree / MBA exchange also.

Any advice would be really appreciated!

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Feb 4, 2018

LBS or HEC-Yale

Feb 12, 2018


Feb 13, 2018

HEC places extremely well in MBB / T2 consulting practices across continental Europe

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Feb 14, 2018

HEC places well in consulting I believe. Masters aren't popular in the US, and recruiting works differently there, combined with a small sample size of recruits for European offices from US MScs it's hard to judge, but a Yale masters should be more than fine too I'd say. Also, I think it's a more interesting combination and personal experience, with probably more academic rigor. If you don't get invited, it won't be because of your school name, but for other factors. See comment below for some additional remarks.

Feb 8, 2018

HEC - YALE!!! Having YALE on your CV will matter more than everything!! Go for it

The name of the game, moving the money from the client's pocket to your pocket

Feb 13, 2018

If your goal is London, go to LSE.

Alternatively, if you can wait and apply for LSE 1 year new MiM... that would be great in my opinion.

Feb 14, 2018

Any reasons to not go for LBS?

Feb 14, 2018

LBS is great too.

I was just saying that LSE 1 year program is better than their 2 year Global one. Let's be honest, MiM is a joke and there's nothing you can't learn in 1 year.

As for internship, try to get one even unpaid in your desired area the summer before matriculation. Problem solved.

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Feb 13, 2018

LBS places very well in London and has a strong reputation in Asia as well.

Have you considered their GMiM double degree with Shanghai Fudan, so you can complete a summer internship in the breaks and come back after a year in China?

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Feb 14, 2018


Feb 15, 2018

The way I see it (correct me if I'm wrong), the year at Fudan is more for Chinese students who are certain their career will centre around China in the future and can leverage on Fudan's regional reputation, or for Westerners who are looking for a year to explore Chinese culture / the working environment there, rather than the course itself. Neither really applies to me.

Having done double degree with Fudan I second this overall.
Yet, the experience there is extremely valued by employers in every field including MBB, and the placement proves this.

OP, PM me if you want more info about the school (although it seems like you already made up your mind).

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Feb 14, 2018

I did the GMiM at LSE and I can say its worth it. You have the option to do a CEMS exchange in the 1st semester of your 2nd year or an MBA exchange at schools including Yale SOM, Chicago Booth and Duke.

HEC carries a lot of weight in France (more so than LSE) but anywhere else LSE is bigger. As for consulting in London, doing the GMiM with CEMS or another exchange (CEMS exchanges include schools from Brazil all the way to Hong Kong) and building on skills such as languages, travelling and being an 'international' student (however nebulous that definition has become) makes you a more valuable candidate than just having a big name on the CV. Plus, with LSE + literally any other school, you'll be fine.

LBS for the UK and perhaps USA is good but I've spoken to both students and people from consulting in the large European cities (Milan, Paris, Munich and Madrid) and most don't know LBS or how good it is. LSE wins here IMO.

In order of international appeal: LSE>HEC-Yale combo>LBS

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Feb 14, 2018

He wants to do consulting in London. How many from your year landed MBB London? Haven't seen a lot LSE at MBB personally. They were being outdone by UCL and Imperial. Seen some HEC as well, but not many, but that's probably partly self-selection. Oxbridge has a strong monopoly on MBB.

Also, what did you think of the educational standard at LSE? I've heard a lot of complaints, more so than from its peer unis, about being a diploma factory.

Feb 15, 2018

Consulting in London doesn't mean only MBB. For consulting in London, many people got offers/internships and as for the MBB most people chose to leverage the LSE name in the home country where it carries more weight and they use their language skills better (e.g. many German speakers).

As for the educational standard I think its high; that being said - choose the courses carefully. As in all unis, some courses are worse than others.

As for being outdone by UCL and Imperial, thats just not true (for London at least). Most starting classes at MBB and even T2 firm are 80-90% Oxbridge/LSE.

Feb 15, 2018

Stop misleading this guy.

A 2 year GMiM would be waste of time. Really. Even from LSE. And it doesn't make sense because this guy wants to be in London so why spend a year in New Haven? Because I'm sure Yale in London isn't stronger than LSE. So just doing it for the name is useless. Unless they want international experience which is another thing.

If you can't wait for the LSE 1 year new MiM, just go with LBS. They place extremely well in the city.

Feb 15, 2018

"- limited consulting/business experience, thus leaning toward a 2-year program to build that during the breaks for internships."

While I'd agree with you in case the OP had multiple internships under his belt, going straight to full-time MBB recruiting without any relevant experience to back him up might be a struggle

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Feb 15, 2018


Feb 15, 2018

I agree that whilst its awesome to have MMB on your CV, T2 firms (LEK/AT/OC&C) pay almost as well and you're not worked to death.

Assuming you do the 2 year course, here is how I see it:
- If you can land a pre-mim internship you're golden. You won't have to do it between the 2 years (but do something so it doesn't look like you snoozed)
- MiM: yes sign up and network (B-school standard)
-Winter: in the 1st year you won't have time for winter internships
- 1st year summer: Yes, internship
-2nd year winter/easter: can try and land a part-time gig at a boutique or something. If you do the LSE CEMS in some countries you can work part-time during the semester (I did my exchange in Scandinavia and they have a big culture of part-time jobs in banking or consulting if you're at B-school)
- Graduation: get wasted

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Feb 21, 2018

Congrats on the offers first of all.

Now time for some realistic and hopefully helpful colour. With a non target undergrad and limited work experience, you will not get an MBB interview in London even with your Msc. Unless you excel in a particular field/hobby and you didn't disclose this.

  • If your goal is MBB, apply to offices outside of London. The easiest to get in is one in your home country/region and Dubai (no tax!, no natural candidate pool means they hire a lot of expats although i would say biggest recruiters are T2 firms)
  • If your goal is to stay in London, do not go to HEC/Yale. The immigration rules in the UK mean that it is much easier for you to get a job and work visa if you have student visa at the time you start. Same logic applies to the LSE degree but worth checking with the school on the specifics
  • If your goal is consulting and London, which is what you said you want: Go with LBS. A lot of LBS grads at Tier 2 consulting firms. Not to mention, many other consulting firms are small and have ex-MBB with LBS links. Some only recruit at LBS. If you go down this route, you can always throw your hat into the ring and apply to MBB London. You only need to get lucky once!
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Dec 11, 2018

Could you please comment on the possibility of T2 consulting in Dubai for ESSEC MiM vs LSE MiM? Thanks

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Jan 3, 2019

I am a third year American Econ student from a top 30 (albeit nontarget) school considering a UK MiM either at LBS or LSE with the hopes of reaching tier 1-2 consulting. Are there any options of transferring back to US offices, or would I be largely limited to UK offices for at least a few years? Would I be at a major disadvantage relative to UK students given my American cultural background?

I have a 3.98, average-good ECs, study abroad, top name scholarship, and I expect a top GMAT given my SAT, I am just too far behind re relevant experience to hope for any decent offers as I have only recently pivoted from an intended career in academia. I figured an MiM from a name brand school would give me the time for more internships and a leg up on recruiting two years from now

Mar 7, 2019

I am an American student who did a MSc at one of those schools and ended up getting a T2 consulting offer. London MBB is extremely difficult for none elite pedigrees. They mostly recruit from Oxbridge undergrad and less than a handful of my cohort even got interviews at London MBB and so far no offers from London MBB but quite a few of MBB offers from other cities in EMEA and Asia. Lots of my cohort got offers at T2 firms such as Parthenon S& OC&C LEK. Even my T2 firm has over 50% Oxbridge so competition in London is insane.

From my interview experience everyone was from Oxbridge, LBS, LSE, Imperial, or UCL. Literally did not meet any students from other schools. It will be harder getting interviews as a non-UK student; however it is definitely possible.

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Mar 8, 2019

Congrats on the offer, and thanks so much for this. I had been scouring the forums for a straight answer to this question with no luck.

If you don't mind me asking, did you have a relevant internship prior to recruiting? My only internship is strategy & innovation at a Fortune ~ 200 sized grocery-store chain. I was thinking about applying for LSE's 2-year program or doing the extra term at LBS so I could get a more relevant internship, but the LSE program costs a fortune, and I'm not sure how the LBS extra term works out for FT recruiting.

Also, did the MBB offers go to students who were nationals of the country that gave them the offer? I've read somewhere that consulting in Dubai is a possibility for foreigners, and I would be open to a location like that for MBB.

Feb 27, 2019
Mar 6, 2019