Loughlin Management Partners + Co.

Hey guys,

Been a while since I've posted anything on here. I was wondering if anyone had any info/insight on the restructuring firm Loughlin Management Partners + Co?

It's a small restructuring firm in NYC with only about 30-35 people (most restructuring groups are lean to begin with anyways), but the supposed clients are the "who's who" of Corporate America (according to their website): Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Apollo Global Management, Sbarro's, Burlington Company, etc. The list goes on. They also just opened a second office in Houston because of all their deal flow in the Energy space due to the recent free fall in Oil & Gas prices.

There's literally nothing out there on these guys despite them having some world-class clients. I would love to learn more about this shop if anyone else can shed any additional light on the matter.

Thanks in advance!

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