LSE MSc Accounting & Finance vs Bocconi Msc Finance

Hi everyone. I currently have an offer from LSE for their Msc A&F, and i am 100% sure that I'll get into the Msc Finance at Bocconi. Im italian and I don't have previous work experience. What do you recommend i pick?

I won't be looking for full time roles ( I know i simply can't get one without previous work exp), I'll search for SA or off cycle positions.

Main goal: working in London, but I don't need necessarily to start at Goldman/JP etc. Of course, that would be nice, but I know BBs are hard to get in. As long as it's a good IB and pays well, I'm fine.I am even okay with going back to Milan if I find a good job there. As strange as it may sound, salaries in IB are the same as in London, but COL is much lower.

Thanks in advance

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Apr 25, 2021 - 3:55am

If you come from LUISS/ Cattolica, you should be fine for Bocconi. In general, LSE Acc and Fin will be always over Bocconi msc Finance, even if it is not their flagship programme.

Being in London is a huge plus for networking. Besides, in Milan it is better to have Luiss/Cattolica and LSE than the same with Bocconi as LSE brand is huge in italian IB.

For bocconi if you get in msc finance it will be tough especially if you have not done a bachelor in Bocconi. Competition is fierce and only top 10% of the class ends into IB in London. If you get in Bocconi, in the first year your main focus should be studying and building up a great gpa (possibly over 29) as well as participating in ECs and finding something during summer (boutique in Milan or BB if you are lucky enough). This is not granted as you may still have to finish your exams (10 exams first year).If you do this, in the second year you can find placement in London BB/EB with some effort. However, I have to say that people that attended CLEF/BIEF with some top exchange programme such as Wharton will still have an edge over you. Moreover, if you want to still apply for BB during first year prepare well during the summer as the greatest risk you have is that you won't neither secure a SA/OC nor have a good gpa as the workload is huge and it is difficult to balance study with job application/interviews. 

Apr 25, 2021 - 4:07am

Thanks for your input, I come from a public uni btw. Getting into the LSE without Bocconi on my CV was hard enough, If I had it I probably would have gotten into Finance, but i like the A&F coursework more so all good. Anyway,what you pointed out is the exact reason why I'm 100% sure I'll take the LSE. My girlfriend is actually in BIEF too ;), and she always says how the environment at the uni is toxic. And from what I have read the MSc Finance is quite rigorous, I don't want to go crazy to do something that Geography graduates from the LSE do. In all honesty I couldn't care less about derivates and Econometrics. Btw, ho visto che sei italiano. Come vanno le application (ho guardato i tuoi post)?

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