Making the Jump: IR to IB (Canada)

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So I'm currently working in the Financial Services industry as an Investment Rep, client facing role, doing trades etc. I've wanted to be an Investment Banker for a while but I no doubt underestimated how prepared I had to be, and thought that entering the finance industry from any avenue would at least give me some experience I could spin to someday break into IB. But I'm realizing if I want to break in, I should 100% be looking to get in ASAP. I'm 24, graduated in 2016, been working in Financial Planning companies for about a year now. What steps would I need to take to make the switch to going after a career in IB now?

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Feb 14, 2018

Most who lateral from other fields typically come from research, corp banking, or transaction services (Big 4). The description of your current role is kind of ambiguous so it's hard to gauge whether any of your experience is transferrable. Probably not what you were looking to hear, but have you thought about an MBA?

May 8, 2019

I'm a client service specialist so I book client meetings, do trades on behalf of my advisors and service clients with their accounts. Would an MBA or even CFA make any difference in this case? Or is it just now a case of hardcore networking and learning the basics of modelling and accounting?

May 8, 2019