MBA and MSF - I know it's stupid, but could it work?

Hello monkeys, 

Through a scholarship at my university, I am earning my BS Math, MSF, and MBA within four years for free. I only recently stumbled onto IB and realized this is the kind of lifestyle I want. However, I am now entering my final year in uni with no banking experience and zero network. Do I have a shot at IB? If so, should I shoot for analyst or associate roles? I don't want to waste my time applying for jobs if it's not going to work out.

I came into university as a stupid kid and jumped around several majors. I was in engineering courses for three semesters. I networked like crazy, led a series of student projects, worked in a research lab, and interned at some no-name firm. Then, I switched to actuarial science, where I passed a certification exam, completed half a MS Stat degree, started an MBA, led another student org, networked like crazy again, and landed an internship with a respectable firm (canceled by COVID). But after spending the summer talking with my would-be colleagues, I realized actuarial science isn't what I want to do, either. Extreme workload with little pay and little opportunity to climb up the ladder. 

My BS Math is now wrapping up, as is my MBA. I spent a while looking at industries in-depth, the way I should have in high school, and talking with a few mentors. Only just now did I realize IB is something I am genuinely interested in. I am a workaholic and pull crazy hours for classes anyway (21 hours of grad school per semester). However, I don't know if banking is realistic given my non-target background, lack of experience, nonexistent banking network, and overall unfocusedness (hence this post). To try to make up for it, I began my MSF and have begun studying for the CFA. All of this is free under scholarship, and I will graduate with all this and Honors within the standard four years. I understand that even getting a single interview, let alone an offer, will require monumental effort on my part, but is it impossible? Should I look for some other job?

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