MBA full-time Associate recruiting without a summer IB internship - is it possible?

Here's my situation: currently a 2nd year MBA student at a top 15 program. I have a background in finance and accounting before business school - worked in public accounting for 2ish years and then worked in an FP&A/Strategy type of role at a large financial institution. Spent my MBA summer internship at a large tech company, got the offer to return full-time but dont want to return because i realized tech wasn't really for me.

Got really interested in IB over the summer and now i'm wondering if it's possible to get a full-time Associate role without having done an IB internship. I have a very strong foundation in accounting and finance so as far as technicals go, i feel like i would do well in an interview. i guess it's more about getting the interview to begin with. there are just a few banks (all MM) that come recruit for FT roles at my school, but the way i understand it, IB recruiting puts a lot of emphasis on networking and i didnt do any sort of networking last year at all so i have like no contacts at these banks.

has anyone gone through a similar experience and/or have any advice? i have a couple friends that did IB summer internships that are sending my resume around their banks in case a FT spot opens up, but other than that I'm kind of just blind applying to roles i see on company career sites