MBB in NYC - experience with hours, work-life balance across the firms post-MBA

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Hi all - I'm currently doing an MBA and have summer offers from MBB in NYC. I am trying to get underneath whether there are significant lifestyle differences between the three firms. I know that I will work hard at all of them, but I am wondering whether there are concrete differences in:

  • hours worked at the different firms
  • competitiveness amongst peers
  • the degree to which management supports you in protecting 'balance'
  • and the degree to which management cares about 'fun,' 'happiness,' and 'team culture.'

I am finding that some of the firms do a much better job talking the talk on this stuff, but I don't know how much that translates to an actual difference in the experience I will have. It's hard to cross compare b/c few people have worked at more than one of the firms.

I'm a woman and thinking of having a kid fairly early in my tenure, so if anyone can speak to that, I'd also love to hear about it.

I have a favorite firm from a people perspective. It is also the one with the worst reputation on these issues, and I want to know how much it actually matters.

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Feb 9, 2018

There are not significant differences b/w these firms. Differences might be more intra-firm than inter-firms. You may end up working for a terrible partner/ team at Bain, despite the fact that they're considered more relaxed.
I'd pick the firm where you see yourself fitting well. There are tons of successful women at McK (from your post it appears that's your #1 choice). You may have to travel more/ internationally with McK.

As far as having a kid is concerned, if that's not happening in the next 2 years, I wouldn't be too worried as you may decide on moving on to better things as well.

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Apr 16, 2018

Had a job at Mckinsey for bit- PM me

Apr 17, 2018