McCombs vs Fuqua

Trying to pick between the two. Have a background in Corp Fin/Corp Dev. in niche industry (prefer not to say) and want to move into an exclusively corp dev/M&A role (not necessarily in same industry). Thinking that in order to do so, will likely have to do a couple years of banking first. Venture Fellows/MBA+ programs at UT are very appealing for the experience they would provide that may allow me to sidestep banking. That said, I'm concerned about banking recruiting at UT being so focused on energy (not sure I have the background (no energy exp.) or interest in doing that). That said, would prefer to stay in Texas after b school. Fuqua definitely stronger brand nationally and provides more optionality as result, but seemed to fit better culturally at UT. In all likelihood, will try to recruit for Charlotte/ATL/Houston/Dallas banking or directly for Corp. Dev from either school. Thoughts? No $ (or instate from UT) from either. Any advice/insight much appreciated.

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Apr 28, 2015

Fuqua has more chances for Charlotte IB and/or NYC IB for their solid reputation. UTAustin has a bigger crowd (including undergrads) and where do you want to do IB if you finish your MBA at McCombs?

Apr 29, 2015

Not really worried about the undergrads at UT...if anything the UG rep probably helps bring more banks on campus. At UT, ideally I would recruit for banking in Texas but given that I don't want to focus on energy, that could be difficult. Likely would consider Charlotte/ATL still as well as potentially a M&A consulting/advisory role...seems like Deloitte and PwC both recruit for that at MBA level.

Apr 29, 2015

if you say undergrad quality would help you, then it's more likely that Duke would help... they're 8 miles away from UNC Chapel Hill, so that helps more with recruiting crowds.

Besides, if you want to do M&A, or for any post-MBA industry, you'll find it helpful if you know where the industry is at.

For example, California has more chances for VC and startups, because the UCal schools, Stanford and USC are there. It'd be difficult to find a VC job in Utah for that type of jobs if the target market isn't there.

Apr 29, 2015

Believe Fuqua places pretty well in banking in all the cities you mentioned and won't be just energy (but can be energy if you want it to be).

Apr 29, 2015

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