McKinsey BTO, Dubai vs Apple, Singapore

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Hi guys,

I am a recent MBA graduate with an offer from Apple - Demand Supply Planning team, Singapore and currently in the final stages of interviews with McKinsey BTO, Dubai office. Kind of confused as to which one I should choose and would appreciate any guidance or suggestions.

This is my analysis so far:

McK pros: More interesting and diverse work, better exit options, I have heard BTO consultants also work on general strategy assignments - so would be interesting (Won't mind but not super excited about IT Strategy though)

McK cons: Bad work life balance. Not sure about staying in Dubai for too long. Not sure about reputation of McK Dubai office.

Apple Pros: Like Singapore quite a lot and would prefer over Dubai for long term. Better work life balance in tech. As per my analysis lot of ex MBB and IB folks have joined in the similar role so must be good.

Apple Cons - Not sure if I like SCM or Operations. Some planning but role mainly involves execution. Difficult to change industry or function a few years down the line. Not sure if I want to be in Tech sector forever.

My Career Goals: Frankly a little unsure. Though I definitely like Strategy work more than Operations and would prefer a role which is intellectually stimulating and highly analytical. Also not sure if I want to work too hard and put in more than 60 hours per week - so consulting work pressure sounds a little intimidating to me.

Would appreciate your insights and valuable suggestions.

Thanks !! :) :)

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Sep 2, 2013

I am in no way in any position to give genuine advice, but damn, both of those offers are impressive as hell.

Do you see yourself going into either role primarily just for "better exit options?" If so, maybe choose the other one. If not, does either role intrigue you enough where you could see yourself moving up within the company and really make a career out of it?

It sounds like you're kind of ready to settle down a bit (could be wrong?), and although saying "I work for McKinsey in Dubai" may be one of the more baller introductions, the fact that you've already completed an MBA and the Apple team is composed of ex-MBB/IBD types makes me think that the Apple offer might suit you better.

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Sep 5, 2013

Hey droking7,

Thanks for your suggestions. I am also inclined slightly more in favour of the Apple offer. Actually not sure about the kind of work and reputation of McK Dubai office. Have heard mixed reviews. Also it is BTO and not pure strategy. Had it been generalist Associate role at McK in say US or Europe, would have mostly gone for that. But right now the Apple offer seems slightly better. Though haven't made up my mind completely yet and still trying to talk to as many people as possible and find out more before I take a final call.

Cheers !

Sep 6, 2013

Don't underestimate the Apple Supply/Demand Planning role.. do a Linkedin search and you'll see the caliber of the team. This team used to be Tim Cook's baby so you will definitely be learning a lot of high level supply chain strategy and demand forecasting, as well as having high level direct exposure to senior management at Apple. Btw, would this be for regional planning or worldwide planning?

Sep 7, 2013

Hey MC Monkey10,

Thanks for the response. This is for the regional planning role (APAC) based in Singapore. As per my research so far, the role looks like a good combination of planning and execution. My only concern is exit options - the kind of opportunities one could get after a few years in this role at Apple. Would it be possible to move towards a more strategic role (business/corporate strategy) within consumer electronics or other industries?

Sep 7, 2013

Also I am quite interested in entrepreneurship a few years down the how well the role prepares me for that is yet another thing..

Sep 8, 2013

PMed you, but if you ever do any type of startup that requires physical products... this job will teach you everything you need to know about short term/long term demand forecasting, supply planning/allocation, product launch readiness, scenario planning, and supply chain strategy. I think Apple does not have a pure Corporate Strategy group, and its various strategy work is divided up to functional this role definitely has a high element of supply chain strategy involved (i.e. you call the shots on how many X products to be made next week, next quarter, and next year).

If your McKinsey offer were a generalist offer, I would probably recommend you to take that...but if its BTO then Apple can take you further in my opinion (learning, resume building and exit options).

Sep 9, 2013


Thanks a lot for the comment. Your response has definitely given me a lot of clarification regarding the role. I also had the opportunity to do a bit of research and speak to people within SDM and I think I will choose this one over BTO because of the following reasons: 1. It is already a post-Consulting role so unlike Consulting I won't need to decide about industry options 3-4 years later. 2. Working hours and travel are much less 3. Good mix of strategy and execution with great learning opportunities 4. Cool company and relaxed culture unlike the high pressure consulting environment.


Sep 9, 2013

Given that the McK role is BTO, I would choose the Apple offer. I've never been to Dubai, but Singapore definitely has much to offer, both in options & lifestyle.

Sep 12, 2013

McKinsey BTO, Dubai > Apple, Singapore

Dec 27, 2017