I recently did the three rounds of interviewing for a BA at McKinsey European office (not London), unfortunately I did not pass my final round. I received a call from the managing director of the office who interviewed me and he proposed to me to do one more interview with any of the other divisions they have at that office location to see if I'd be interested. He said that moving within the divisions is possible (although didn't say any of them -> consultant). I got the impression that it would be possible for me to try again as a consultant because my PEI was very strong but needed more practice in the problem solving part.

However, I'm having doubts because obviously the other divisions do some kind of back office/support work to my understanding, thus it isn't really exciting. I don't currently reside in that country so I don't know if it's worth moving from London to there for an uncertain chance of transferring to a consultant role. What do you think?

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