Mention Political Engagement on Resume?

Hi Guys!
I was wondering if, when applying for IBs in London for SA, I should add to my CV that I engage in a political party.
Background Information: I stood as regional candidate for the party.
I am not from the UK, and the party is (obviously) not active in the UK.
The party is not radically leftwing or rightwing, but rather centrist (I believe that it would appeal to a lot of people working in IB, in my Country it surely does), and is in the broader sense comparable to the LibDems (although more successful in terms of votes, but not governing).
Thank you for your feedback!

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Jun 2, 2020 - 6:27am

I would include it! Running for election shows a lot of great qualities, especially if you're younger than the average candidate. It's likely that your CV will be viewed by someone from that region, so wouldn't assume that the person looking at it won't know the party. Either way, it's unlikely and unlucky if someone lets their political bias get in the way (especially if moderate party).

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