MM Lev Fin Coverage Group Vs. DCM

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Hello everyone, I have a decision to make to join one of two relatively new groups that have just started at my Bank. I currently work at a non-BB that has a growing presence in the U.S. market as a credit risk analyst for the corporate banking group. I have been offered an associate position for a Lev Fin Coverage group that focuses on MM companies. I have also been offered an analyst position on a DCM desk (they do both high yield and investment grade). I was wondering which one would give me the best opportunity for PE. I realize that I essentially have no shot at a top PE firm, but I would like to get a sense what my chances would be at the mid to low level of the market. Any thoughts or advice would be deeply appreciated.

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Jan 5, 2015

I'd go LevFin. Even if your group doesn't model you will be interacting with local sponsors. You can augment your work with modeling prep to build up that skillset.

Assuming you're in a regional area, if you can get some modeling skills and build relationships I think you'd be a good candidate for a local PE shop.

Good luck.

Jan 5, 2015

Thanks for the reply. The LevFin group does actually model, it is located in Boston, but there are senior bankers located in NYC as well as this is a national group. They did say I could work out of either office, would it be more beneficial long term to move to NYC? There are quite a few local firms in Boston and I imagine it would be more competitive in NYC.

Jan 5, 2015

My guess is lev fin. Working with smaller companies and more likely to have meaningful interaction with sponsors who may hire you.

Looks like TNA pipped me to the post

Jan 5, 2015