Morgan Stanley CMBS Originations

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Does anyone have experience with MS in the CMBS originations group? I'm interested in learning about the culture, deal flow, hours, comp (analyst/associate level), etc.

I've looked through past posts but haven't seen anything too recent or detailed. Thanks in advance.

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Dec 4, 2018

CMBS Originations at MS has solid deal flow with both their large loan and conduit verticals. All CMBS at the bank falls underneath their "Fixed Income" umbrella. If you had a choice, go with LL as you have exposure to stronger borrowers and brokers along with the ability to work on "trophy" deals. In 2018, their LL group has been most active with nationwide portfolio refis. Culture seems better than most CMBS groups at large banks, in my experience. Comp at analyst/associate level is healthy at market.

Dec 6, 2018

Thanks for the information.

Dec 7, 2018

I'll second @RobertMoses

Jan 7, 2019

What's market comp for Analyst/Associate?


Dec 7, 2018

I have limited insight, but a couple years ago a headhunter messaged me on LinkedIn for an analyst role in their Dallas office for debt originations. You would be a contractor at that level.

Jan 7, 2019

I would think being a full employee is better than a consultant. Do you or anyone else have insites to what it's like as a consultant vs an actual employee?

Jan 7, 2019

Anybody from DB should chime in here, the bank uses a ton of people from Situs who work on site. You can never tell the difference between who is a consultant from Situs and who is an employee of DB.

Jan 13, 2019