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Hello fellow monkeys,

I recently graduated from a UK university (non target one) with a 1st class degree in business management.
I have returned to my home country in SouthEasternEurope (think the Balkans) and have managed to land myself an internship in corporate banking (lending team) for a major/international bank.

I am seeking your advice on what schools in Europe to apply for (MSc in either Finance or Economics) , keep it mind that I want to work abroad for a few years (2-3, since in my country international experience is highly valued). I also don't want to take out loans to study abroad (my budget is around 10,000EUR with LIVING costs). This is why I have narrowed my choices down to these universities;
1. Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University - How expensive is Rotterdam to stay in? Do they manage to place candidates in the big international banks? I am specifically asking for PE/AM/IBD.
2. University of Geneva - I know that Geneva is incredibly expensive to stay in but is the university of Geneva better than RSM in placing candidates?
3. Sorbonne University PSME (the English masters) - if anyone knows if this programme is worth it, I would love to read your opinions/ suggestions.
4. Stockholm School of Economics - have read good things about it on this forum, but i would like to read more.

my bio:
age: 20
Languages: Fluent in : Russian, and English am currently learning French
Degree: Business Management 1st class from a non target UK uni

Thank you so much for taking you time to read my post!

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Aug 5, 2019 - 8:34am

Would go for RSM -> Finance and Investments. Housing can be expensive in Rotterdam, but if you start looking on time you can probaly find something ranging between 450-600eu p/m. Additionally Rotterdam is a very enjoyable city for students.
F&I is very popular right now, this year the master closed ~3 months before the actual deadline due to amount of applications, so make sure you apply early. If you perform exceptionally well, you might be able to land a great exchange post-master (think Duke, Wharton, HEC, Singapore, LSE, etc.).
Pm me if you need more info

Aug 6, 2019 - 6:43am

I would make the argument that SSE may have a better reputation but:

  • It's very tough from what I heard which may impact social life. You're there to study but also have a good time, especially in fun cities like Rotterdam or Stockholm

  • The perceived quality is highly dependent on the markets you apply for when comparing to RSM. In Holland RSM>SSE, in Scandinavia SSE>RSM but elsewhere it may not matter.

  • Rent and CoL in Sweden is astronomical (the latter more than the former) especially by Balkan standards.

TL;DR - Pick RSM

Aug 6, 2019 - 3:08pm

Hi The Pharma Guy,
I am not looking to work in Scandinavia (i'm more leaning towards working for 1-2 years in Switzerland,London, even Paris tbh) this is why i asked about the university of geneva. I also read here that HSG is quite good, but I am not sure if it worth for me to take out a loan to finance my studies there.
Do you know what GMAT is required for RSM ?

Thank you for your comment, have a great week :)

Aug 21, 2019 - 5:12am

In France I believe you would have better exit ops in London if you took an MSc in Finance at either HEC, ESSEC, ESCP or even Dauphine. All of those have a strong alumni in London and are looking for international students like crazy.

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