MSc Finance UK vs Switzerland ?

Hello everyone,

I'm a Swiss national considering getting a MSc in Finance. As for a bit of background, I did a BSc in Economics and Business at a non-target uni in Switzerland with a 2:1 equivalent (3.3 US GPA) and have been accepted at:

  • HEC Lausanne: MSc in Finance, Corporate finance (duration: 4 semesters) => 1200$ p.a.
  • QMUL: MSc in Finance, CFA pathway (duration: 2 semesters) => 35000$ p.a.
  • Exeter University: MSc in Finance and Investment (duration: 2 semesters) => 20000$ - 30000$ p.a. (depends on some scholarships

I know that these choices are not optimal for IB but an exchange with a target (e.g. Bocconi) could help my career...? What do you guys think, is the premium associated with the proximity / name of a financial hub (London) worth it? I know someone who studied at QMUL as an undergrad and was picked as a summer analyst at JPM.

Thanks !

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Apr 16, 2021 - 3:55am

Where do you want to work after you graduate? Swiss schools are better at placing within D/A/CH, I know a few small time PE folks who went to Exeter.

Apr 16, 2021 - 4:03am

Ideally in the UK (especially now with their 2y post-study work visas) and I don't speak German which closes many doors in D/A/CH. HEC isn't that bad but their programme is very quantitative which I'm not a fan of...

From what I've seen, Exeter placed some people in IB but my fear is that I don't find anything work wise in the UK and having to go back to CH where Exeter isn't as well known as QMUL (in addition to having the London location).

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Apr 16, 2021 - 5:24am

Agree with the poster above, Exeter and QMUL will get you into a bank (MO / BO) or into a Big 4.

Tbh I would go with HEC Lausanne in any case. Did you try St Gallen?


Apr 16, 2021 - 5:35am

Thanks for the reply, no I haven't applied to HSG as there is an exchange programme available between HEC - HSG (for up to 24 ECTS).

Apr 16, 2021 - 9:29am

HEC Lausanne, or apply again.

QMUL is barely a real university, it's absolutely not worth the money. Even if it were free, I would suggest not attending.  

Exeter isn't going to help you much at the graduate level for IB.

If you want LDN IB post-grad school, I suggest pushing for the higher ranked schools. I would even suggest several EU schools over the UK ones you listed. 

Else, HEC Lausanne and stay in Switzerland. 

Best of luck! 

Apr 16, 2021 - 9:51am

Thank you for the comment, I included QMUL because it's ranked relatively well (I know ranking isn't everything but should I come back to CH, recruiters will have something concrete to assess the quality of the uni). Do you think an exchange semester to Bocconi / HSG would somehow give me a chance or no ?

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