MSc Management at Imperial College London

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Hi WallStreetOasis,

I recently got awarded the Future Leaders Scholarship (PS20k deduction of the tuition fee) for the MSc Management programme at Imperial College, and I must say I am keen to start the programme.

I choose Imperial for my masters mainly because I am a business-oriented individual and used to run my own e-commerce whilst studying for my undergraduate. Imperial appears to be the ideal choice given their strategic location in London, focused on innovation and entrepreneurship, supported by their in-house VC and Enterprise Lab (basically supporting students to roll out businesses, run competition, etc). Lastly, I'm seeking to mask my undergraduate university and use Imperial brand name for the signalling effect.

Brief background: Graduated in 2015 in Business & Economics (from mid-level university), and was not 100% what I wanted to do with my career. After graduation, I bootstrapped myself and decided to go into finance, and sat for CFA level 1 in December 2016 (passed) and aced CFA level II last Saturday (hoping for a pass). I have work experience in SocGen IBD internship (3 months), tech startup (6 months), merchant bank (6 months), Retail & Consumer goods company - finance division (1.5 years current position), and leadership project management experience in which I worked with international NGO to physically build hospital in Ethiopia whilst at university (6 months).

I am planning to go into consulting either at MBB or LEK after graduating from the programme, but also spending the summer diving deep into blockchain developments so the goal of joining MBB could easily change depending on the opportunities. I've networked with the alumni and the current students, and I have heard nothing but positive feedback. Most of them are or have ventured into consulting, VC, techfirms like Uber, Google, etc, and even bulge bracket banks.

Universities like Oxford, Duke, HEC, LSE, LBS, Bocconi, and Cambridge, among others also teach management in masters so really curious what you guys think. I know you guys prefer to give whimsical responses but I would greatly appreciate any constructive opinions of the MSc Management degree.

Note*: I will select M&A strategy finance as part of my elective modules which is very heavy on strategy and taught by former HBS professor.

What are thoughts general on MSc Management at Imperial College? Is it a decent degree?