MSF Choices and Preparation

I am a rising senior trying to break into investment banking. Currently I am preparing for full time 2016 but am considering MSF as plan B in case of not landing an IB offer. I am looking for program in the states that has good placement in IBD especially NY, SF area.

My stats:
1.Go to non-target public school(rank top 50 nationally) in West Coast
2.GPA 3.4-3.5
3.One IB summer intern in a very small boutique, might do another one in senior year.
4.International student
5.Haven't take GMAT yet.(Aiming for 720 up?)

Some options:
UVA-MS Commerce
Claremont McKenna - Master of Arts in Finance
Columbia - MS in Financial Economics
Duke- Master in Management Studies
Georgetown -MSF online(maybe not?)
Norte Dame - MSF
Princeton - MSF
Vanderbilt - MSF
Villanova - MSF

Any idea or any other option that can be considered? or even MFE or MEcon?
When is a better time to take it?
Do they generally accept 1 year deferral?(would like to know because I might need to complete military service before doing master program)


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Aug 18, 2015

Take the GMAT and see where that shakes out. Some programs will let you defer.

Aug 19, 2015

Sure. Will post again after taking it. Thanks.

Aug 18, 2015

a 3.5 ish GPA with a top 50 school should be close enough to FT offers already.

I dont think it's useful yet to say which programs are stronger...... they're mostly equivalent except MIT Sloan, CBS, Princeton (MFE-based) and Duke Fuqua as a standout. Put in CMC if you want too, I just don't know~

They're pretty much geared for either NYC or California, because you don't have any Texas (Rice, UTAustin, SMU) schools listed.

You probably don't have time to apply through all of them anyways, so get a few job offers and school offers, and let's talk from there, OK? best of luck.

Aug 19, 2015

Yeah sure I know it is always possible to break in.
Why MIT,CBS, Princeton, Duke would stand out?

Aug 23, 2015

why those schools stand out?
it's an easy question to the extent like an insult.... with all due respect, please do some research....

Aug 18, 2015

Look if you want to do BB/EB banking, quit focusing on FT recruiting because it's basically over unless you're well connected and concentrate on the GMAT. The sooner you get into a master's program, the sooner you can sell yourself for SA recruiting in the winter which makes getting into banking infinitely easier.

Not the answer you wanted I'm sure, but as a current MSF that is dealing with all BBs basically forgoing on FT recruiting due to almost 100% summer conversions, it's your best shot.

Aug 19, 2015

Not sure If I misunderstood. Are you saying to just forget about full time recruiting now and go study GMAT and get into MSF?

Aug 19, 2015

Full time recruiting at most major BBs are done. Meaning = more than 90% of summer analysts have accepted the return offer and no slots are open.

Aug 19, 2015

Yes, if in your shoes, I would focus on getting into an MSF then leveraging that to land a SA spot (100x easier than full time).

Aug 19, 2015