MSF/MFE Profile Evaluation

Nationality: Swedish
Age: 22
GPA: 3.7 finance undergrad from non-target
GMAT: 780
6 months Internship in the PwC(Advisory Dept)
Other few academic achievements

My target programs are:

Vanderbilt MSF
Duke MMS
(Princeton MSF)*
(Haas/UCLA MFE)**

*The reason why I added Princeton is because trying doesn't hurt.
** Also, I don't have any C++ or programming knowledge but UCLA has some online courses for that.

Additional Info & the main concern:
The job placements. These schools are top notch but after reading few threads on WSO, I assume it is harder for an International student to land a job. My English is fine(not native language) & I can communicate fluently and without an pauses. However, I don't know what members on those threads meant by exceptional spoken English ability. As far as I know, I can network, conduct informational interviews, & manage cold calls. I'm also looking at the Breaking Into Wallstreet Networking Toolkit to make sure I'm bullet proof when I join the program(LOL).

Also, my other concern is the H1B or the work authorization. These schools are top notch & the job placements are solid. I'm more inclined towards CMC & MIT. Is it possible to land a good job after program if one does their homework(Networking)? Is the accent going to be a major problem? Also, if one gets a good GPA score during the Program, is it going to help? Are the employers willing to sponsor international graduates(I mean from my target schools)? I'm concerned because I don't want to return home undone & these programs(except MIT) can't help me in my home country because almost no one has even heard of them & US is where I want to work.

Profile Evaluation:
Also, please tell me that what are my chances? Will I be competitive at MIT( considering that i have below average experience but above average GMAT range score) & CMC? Duke is just a safety(only the name matters) & Vanderbilt if rejected by CMC & MIT.

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Mar 16, 2014 - 1:25pm

You are probably gonna be in at CMC and Vandy. Add WUSTL to that list. MIT is tough. I don't have a lot of knowledge about the program either. MFE programs don't like finance undergrad unless you have significant calculus (stochastic) and programming background. Duke MMS with a business background, you are not going to learn anything. It is just for the brand.

Now, the international student part. It is definitely difficult as an international student to land a gig but far from impossible. All you need is a good GPA from a good school, networking skills and work experience. Small firms are more reluctant to hire internationals but can be persuaded. Most BBs, few MM, Big 4 and many other places regularly hire international students. As an international student, the most important thing would be to put yourself out there. If you think just because you have a good GPA from a good school you are gonna get a job, then that is going to be difficult. Good luck.

Also, if that is your real name, you should remove or change it.

Mar 16, 2014 - 5:36pm

Honestly, in at all schools. Princeton maybe not since I think they favor people with more work experience. maybe Haas/UCLA. I'm not too sure how they admit people with a finance background. Maybe you could take some programming/math classes to help your app.

Your GPA is great. GMAT is phenomenal. The fact that you are a woman is utterly clutch. You are a top top notch applicant. I would focus on getting money from whatever school you choose as you should 100% be eligible for fellowships/grants/etc.

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Mar 17, 2014 - 5:20am

@wanttoberich13 because I'm not interested in working in London or UK. Honestly, the only reason I'm looking at these programs is because I want to move to US & with a european degree that is unknown is US, it's highly unlikely to land a good job these. Re-branding for recruitment in US is what I'd like to call it :)

Mar 17, 2014 - 7:32am

Placements will all be top notch assuming you execute in your interviews.

Mar 17, 2014 - 11:48am

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