Multiple superdays but no offer

I've superdayed at 2 EBs and 4 BBs and still haven't gotten an offer yet. I've shown my resume and mocked with current analysts and friends for several months who all say I'm a strong candidate. Top Ivy target, 3.9+ GPA finance major, relevant internships, diversity, nailing and understanding the techs, networked extensively.

It seems like I check most if not all of the metaphorical boxes, so what am I doing wrong? Is there something about my personality that turns people off that I can't see? Or maybe I'm just not a good cultural fit for IB?

Guess this is a place to vent but if anyone has any advice please let me know.

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  • Analyst 1 in S&T - Equities
Sep 19, 2021 - 5:39pm

It has to be behavioral. I'd I had to guess it's something in your TMAY or why IB/why this bank. For your why IB do you say you want to work in a fast paced environment or something? For why (let's say JPM) do you say things along the lines of "you're a top bank…big deals…blah blah?"

I'm an associate who is involved in the process at my firm and those are the common pitfalls in my opinion. Your why IB should clearly demonstrate why IB and your why this bank should make it very clear that you've done your homework and want to work at that specific bank. 

  • Incoming Analyst in IB - Cov
Sep 19, 2021 - 7:06pm

I know a guy with the same problem. He had at least five superdays at great banks (BB/EB). He consistently gets to superdays from his technicals and he's gotten mocks from a wide range of folks. It has to be his personality, demeanor, and delivery. He's a very chill guy but comes across as understated and introverted. He has bounced between seeming disinterested and overcompensating with a more animated personality but people haven't reacted well to that either. He reminds me a bit of Michael Burry. 

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Sep 19, 2021 - 9:37pm

Bro, take it as a blessing. There isn't any peace of mind in IB, you will be happier without it. Even the recent pay bumps still aren't enough to keep people from jumping ship.

This is coming from someone who was in your shoes the other day. Looking back, I've found that most college students, including myself, don't factor in the work life balance enough when they're applying for these FT IB roles. I don't blame them though. When banks are recruiting you in college, they try and sell you on the high pay and prestige of IB, hiding the downside of no work-life balance - which will only hit you once you actually hit the desk. Think about it, you're only a college student so why would these banks be so generous to pay you so much if people actually enjoyed the work/industry.

No matter how hard you "grinded for your exams" at school, IB will hit you like a train wreck. There is absolutely no balance in your life and the grass is NOT greener in PE. It's a cutthroat industry where you're constantly competing with your peers for that seldom PE promotion. Try and find more balance with your friends and family, and it might just cost you that promotion. Plus, the work isn't fulfilling at all in either IB or PE. Don't believe me? Just look at how many at these PE firms actually climb the ladder or even stay 2 years.

Majority leave to Corp Dev for balance and peace of mind. Money isn't any good when there's no time to spend it or enjoy yourself. As cliche as it sounds, it can't buy happiness.

I totally get it would be cool to have a BB / EB brand on your resume for exit opps but keep in mind, it's a never ending competition if you landed that gig like I mentioned above. There are plenty of other jobs in finance that offer you fair WLB with solid pay.

If you still think IB is the path for yourself, you can always network with a regional bank and lateral lateral to EB/BB.

Sep 19, 2021 - 11:40pm

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