New business model for music industry ?

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This morning im proof-reading a paper to be handed in this afternoon and im listening to music I "Shazamed" the last couple weeks. I end up getting this song :

Its clearly a 3:20 min advertisement for fiat and the music for the target audience is quite a good fit. I personally found the ad quite good compared to the crap "funny" French car ads, the technical and boring German ones and the "be a tough man" ads for American cars.

With this, no need to pay for scheduled ads in television as ppl watch MTV or youtube. Just pay a fixed sum to the artist and youre set. Its a win-win situation since nobody pays for music anymore..

Do you guys think this is sustainable ? We are seeing more and more advertising in movies these days.. I think its a cool advertising concept.


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May 20, 2011

boring and technical german cars? Excuse me?

I think you meant to say German adds can be boring because products that are superior in every single way do not have to be advertised properly.

May 20, 2011