New York Life Fixed Income

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Anyone know anything about NYL fixed income group? I am looking to move into AM but really hesitant to move into insurance. That being said..seems like a great role as a product specialist learning about fixed income products. Also a non licensed position which I think could be a big disadvantage for me moving forward into other AM fixed income positions. Any opinions?

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Nov 30,2014

I wouldn't hesitate at all. Insurance money is huge in Fixed Income especially because of the General Account they manage, which also mean assets are stickier... most also have institutional money as well. New York Life has an AUM of over $500B, Prudential over $900B, Babson $200+B. If you're Front Office, the Street will pick up the phone, its big money, even if star managers aren't the ones making headlines. Unless you're a star manager, I'd defnitely see it as a great opportunity.

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Nov 30,2014

Appreciate it man.. Do you think it being non licensed and not having them already (7,63,etc) is a major disadvantage or not to big of a deal at all

Nov 30,2014