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Hi all - I'm a math and econ major from a top-20 US school, just got an offer for Nomura S&T which I'm very excited about. Had a few questions - 1) What is Nomura's reputation, especially in terms of S&T, 2) What kind of activities do summer analysts do (I don't know if I'll actually be trading or writing pitches or whatever else), 3) What are the better desks right now at Nomura?

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Mar 29, 2018


Oct 27, 2017

Got the offer, ended up happily accepting. I had several other IB and trading superdays but it wasn't worth it to renege the offer for a potential offer in the future, esp for junior internship. Everyone that I met was brilliant and they actually had personalities.


Jan 12, 2018

I know this may be late.... I'll try to quickly run through your questions.

  1. Nomura has a great reputation. They pick their spots really well. Rates is great, Mortgages (securitized products) are great and many others are as well. Overall though the bank seems to be coming up in the US pretty rapidly and its a great time to join something that is going to rapidly improve in prestige - management shows a clear commitment to this. While your friend who knows nothing about Wall Street may not have heard of Nomura, everyone on the street has and thats what matters.
  2. It depends on the desk. Rates had interns do lots of shadowing traders and salespeople, while other desks tend to have their interns work on doing various types of analysis for the traders and salespeople and this could range from developing excel tools which compare historical mortgage data to doing some pretty exotic stuff that is pretty quantitative that I won't go into. At the end of every rotation - there will be three - you will have to present a trade-pitch and get some pretty heavy questioning after.
Jan 12, 2018

i also know a couple people who have moved to Nomura (not intern/entry level...more senior...both in liquid rates and equities space) and they have had nothing but positive things to say about the place.

just google're welcome

Mar 13, 2018

what was the group selection process like?

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Mar 22, 2018

They send you some info about the different desks and the groups within them and then you rank your choices. Nothing horribly complicated about it.

Jan 17, 2018