Nomura S&T vs. Point72 Academy Program

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Hi all, I have to make a decision between two Summer 2020 interviewing opportunities by tomorrow evening.

A little background first:

Year: Sophomore

Majors: Economics, Computer Science


Prior S&T internship at tier 3 bank, will be returning for summer 2019

I have been invited to interview for a Nomura S&T 2020 internship, or a Point 72 financial analyst internship through ModernGuild. Unfortunately, the program only allows me to choose one opportunity to interview. Thus far, I've been leaning towards Nomura S&T. I think I would be more prepared for that interview and I think that my past experience in S&T, although not a full 8 week internship program, would give me a leg up in the interview process.

However, in terms of interest, the Point72 opportunity and the chance to work at a hedge fund straight out of undergrad is more appealing to me. My hesitation lies in the fact that I have no experience with hedge fund recruiting, and do not feel prepared to take on the interview. From now until the interview date ModernGuild does provide career coaching and a training program, but I am unsure if that will be tailored to Hedge Fund recruiting - I suspect not. I'm also hesitant to pursue the Point72 opportunity because I only have one interview opportunity at this moment, and I want to make sure I maximize my chances. Even though I am guaranteed an interview at Point72, I know that Hedge Fund undergrad recruiting is notoriously very competitive, and I am unsure if I would have a shot. I've also heard that Point72 only extends return offers to 50% of their internship class, and that even if you receive an offer, job turnover rates will be very high.

For those of you who have been through the Point72 recruiting process, or have experience at Point72, I'm wondering if these statements are accurate of Point72? Additionally, what type of questions can I expect with hedge fund recruiting, or Point72 recruiting specifically?

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Apr 7, 2019

The conversion rate for the last summer academy was 80+ % and everyone who has completed the fulll-time academy has placed onto a team.

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Apr 11, 2019

Did you go through the academy? If so, what was the interview process like? Did you encounter IQ tests and modeling tests?

Apr 11, 2019

nomura just cut most of its trading arm.. i would avoid interning there lol

May 9, 2019

Do u know why Nomura cut most of its trading arm and the return offer rate for summer interns at Nomura?

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Sep 8, 2019