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Hey all,

Just curious what some of the entry level non-case interview firms are. I've heard Accenture technology consulting interviews are entirely behavioral based as are ones for Maximus consulting. Know of any others? I'm trying to hedge my bets in case I screw up cases.


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Mar 12, 2012

PwC interviews do not include a case at the undergraduate level.

Mar 12, 2012

IBM GBS public sector also does not have cases in my experience.

Overall, the fact the these firms/divisions don't use case interviews tells you a lot about them -- they usually aren't in management consulting. Although its true that management consulting is so broad now as it is used for branding/recruiting, they are definitely not in strategy consulting if they don't use case interviews.

Also, all firms don't have cases of equal difficulty. In my experience, MBB + OW/Booz had cases of a similar level (I didn't interview with LEK/Parthenon/Monitor). However, Deloitte S&O's cases were much more straightforward -- all you needed was the ability to use a basic generic structure (like the one on to glean insights and the ability to figure out breakeven/profit/revenue (this was for a full-time position. I also interviewed with them for an internship, and the first-round case for them was identical to the bank one in case in point -- I was quite surprised when the interviewer gave me the case -- seems like the only thing that was changed was the name of the bank haha.

Accenture's MCDP case interviews were even easier than Deloitte's, the most math required for me was just simple market sizing and/or profits.

A lot of boutique/regional firms also seem to have easier cases in my experience, or fewer cases mixed in with more behavioral interviews.

So don't feel like you have to use the firms that don't have cases as a hedge, there are a number of firms that have "easier" case interviews.

Mar 13, 2012