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Hi all,

I've been an avid reader of WSO for easily 2 or 3 years now. With that said, I haven't posted before as I can generally find whatever info I am seeking by looking at previously posted threads etc. I have a more specific question that I'd love some help with.

I go to UMass and am coming up on graduation. I'll likely graduate early next year, but I'm in no rush to end my college experience early. UMass places ~fine~ at CRE firms in Boston and I have been networking with guys at Cushman & Wakefield etc. After chatting to a lot of them, I really would like to work in REPE rather than brokerage, and would love to get an acquisitions role.

With that said, I have been putting a lot of thought into doing an MSRE after graduation. I moved here from Ireland in my junior year of HS, so I'm looking at LSE in the UK as well as NYU and Gtown. I have read a lot of posts that say the sweet spot for maximizing the value of an MSRE is about 2.5 years, but I sort of want to expedite my way into CRE by way of the masters.

I have a 3.65 GPA in an Econ major. I have tech internship experience as well as residential brokerage internship experience. I have some strong extracurriculars in volunteering for my local church, and hold a leadership position at my fraternity.

I'd love to know if:

A. You guys think doing an MSRE after graduation is feasible, and an agreeable move to become an acquisitions analyst

B. If my stats would even get me in the door at NYU/GTown without industry experience

I also saw Fordham has an MSRE now, anyone know about this?

Thanks for any info in advance, if you're in Boston I'd take you out for a Guinness and a networking chat!

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Jan 8, 2019

Hi Shkreli4Prez97, just because I'm a bot doesn't mean I don't have feelings...I'm hoping these links are helpful. If not, feel free to throw monkey shit at me...

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You're welcome.

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Jan 11, 2019

As someone who started in acquisitions right out of college (in college as an intern, actually), and a government major, I will say this. Being "target" or "non-target" is only as important as you make it. Sure, schools have reputations and people want to funnel and support what they know, but the most important thing is your persistence, willingness to adapt and learn and networking.

Going to grad school right out of college just to become an acquisitions guy at a REPE firm, in lieu of a generalist role where you will be exposed to so many facets of the industry you probably didn't know exist, will probably leave you dissatisfied in the long run. I ended up jumping around from brokerage to acquisitions to now development, and I never once saw any of the changes coming 6 months prior.

Additionally, being in the workforce as an analyst and getting that experience has truly made me understand why it makes more sense to wait on grad school (even if it's specialist) until you have 3-4 years getting real experience. You'll be able to parlay that knowledge you get and take it back to school and then be that much better off for it.

My two cents.

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Jan 11, 2019

totally agree - +1.

Would like to emphasize the target/non-target comment - it really doesn't matter much. If you're at a non-target you probably wont end up at BX, Starwood, or Carlyle. But you can for sure get a solid acquisitions gig. I went to a school nobody has ever heard of and got in acquisitions at a PERE 50 firm out of undergrad. Network, network, and network some more

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Jan 11, 2019

Do you mind sharing your story? Very interested as a senior at a state school that wants to get into acquisitions eventually.

Jan 12, 2019

Hey REMonkey,

Thanks for your insight. Did you just network your way into acquisitions or did you have prior CRE experience. As I'm approaching graduation I'm worried that my lack of internship experience in CRE will play against me

Jan 12, 2019

A. You guys think doing an MSRE after graduation is feasible, and an agreeable move to become an acquisitions analyst

Do yourself a favor and work for at least a year before starting grad school. You will come in with much more knowledge and come out with a better job

Jan 12, 2019

Hey CRE,

Firstly, thanks for your contributions on this real estate forum. I was initially interested in brokerage when I looked into CRE, and I read your "day in the life" posts that were hugely insightful. You're making an impact on readers that may not even have an account yet!

Do you really think having a year of non-related CRE work will still make a difference?

Jan 12, 2019

Which market are you hoping to end up in?

I'm studying in Ireland, been told Reading MSRE is the best bet. Places very well in European REPE as well as the brokerages and other RE finance roles. Not sure how it would be perceived in the states though.

Jan 12, 2019