non target to better non target?

So basically I'm in York University doing Commerce. No, not schulich. I know if I don't transfer to a target/semi target my chances of IB out of undergrad are close to 0. I'm probably going to do an mba at rotman. I became interested in banking like month ago only recently learned about the concept of target schools. I'm entering my second year and I know I'm completely fucked so I'm trying to transfer to Ivey, Queens, Laurier. But I don't know how probable it is I'll get into any of them even if my Gpa is pretty good (3.8). What I wanna know is, is it worth it to go from York to Ryerson or UTM. They're also non targets but could I have a better chance at a boutique IB or Big 4? Also, if I can't get any pre MBA IB experience, what are the next best jobs for work experience before an MBA?


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Sep 1, 2021 - 10:59am

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