NYC 2018 FT Roommate

Looking for potential roommates for a July 2018 start, in the midst of looking for places and would like to figure out my roommate situation.

I attended an SEC school for undergrad, will be starting as an FT Analyst in LevFin in July. Looking to stay around Chelsea/Hell's Kitchen, but I'm pretty flexible on location (as long as it's south of Midtown). I'm clean/respectful and laid back, I like to go out and stay busy but don't see myself having a lot of people over/being loud - I've never had any conflict with a roommate. My hobbies include going to the gym, going out, reading, sports, etc. I'm honestly fine with anything from being just acquaintances to being drinking buddies, either way things will work out.

Lease Start Date: July
Rent: <$2000
Preferred location: Chelsea/Hell's Kitchen (flexible, though)
Total Roommates Target: 2-4

Feel free to shoot me a PM, or reply in this thread.

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May 21, 2018