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Hello everyone. I need advice from people in Commodity Trading.

I have been offered a role of Marine Coordinator/Operator at a Super Major. I have also interned in Risk for another Super Major. I want to work as a trader in commodities in the future and know that operations knowledge is very useful as a trader as well.

We had a frank interview discussion where I said that I'd like to move onto a junior trader role sometime in the future.

My question is if in 2-3 years time I don't see a path to a junior trader role at this company will my role as a Marine Coordinator be seen as a good thing if I apply elsewhere for a junior trader role?

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Nov 30, 2018


Dec 6, 2018

I doubt it - I wouldn't do a marine coordinator role.

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Dec 7, 2018

Yes great role out of school. Above poster is a moron.

Nov 30, 2018

Thanks for your answer. Could you tell me more about how such a role can help me as a trader in the future, as in, what skills will I be able to develop ?

Dec 8, 2018

If you can't get into a rotational program with a focus on trading then this role would be a good alternative option. Once you learn to do your dayjob well stay super proactive about learning about trading. Hopefully you will sit on the floor and interact with the traders frequently.

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Nov 30, 2018

Yes I will be sitting very very close to the traders. Also I've already networked with a couple of them.

Dec 8, 2018

Agree with above - only additional comment I would make is to stay very proactive (internal networking for ex.) about moving around to another role after 1.5 years or so (make your own "rotational" if you will) because otherwise it can get somewhat easy to pigeon hole.

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Nov 30, 2018

I was thinking the same. To actively help the traders in my free time while doing my role in operations. But in case if I am unable for some reason to move onto a trading role at this company will this role be valued if I go to any other super major?

Dec 8, 2018

To actively help the traders in my free time while doing my role in operations.

Disagree with how you phrased this - and from my own personal experience can confirm this is a major mistake. You won't have time to do your job well and fully embrace what it's about if you always have a foot in another doorway helping others - and that's in addition to pissing off your manager as he sees you squatting with other groups. Don't do this. Network instead and focus on learning your current role and being the best you can be at it.

Don't rush man, you might have 5-8 years ahead of you before you even sit in a trading group, maybe 10 before you're running any kind of book. It's a marathon and it's easy to lose focus on the present which if you do, you'll a) never make it and b) also not be good at your other roles.

Yes to your question, the role is a universally recognized operational job.

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