One of the last 2 Partners call forgot to case me. Now they make me go through another interview.

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Hi everyone,
So I recently went though an intensive interview process with a boutique consulting firm. The process includes 2 phone case interviews with 2 consultants, 1 half-day team exercise/ interview, 1 principal interview in person, and 2 Partners interviews. HR got back to me a week later saying that one of the last 2 Partners made a mistake and forgot to case me. (Partner did spent 30 minutes just talking and asking Fit question). Now they are scheduling to have me interview again with another Partner.

Knowing that I made some small mistakes in the other Partner call during an actual case (not the one that forgot to case me of course), is it safe to assume that at least my candidacy is still strong enough for them to schedule another call? Otherwise, they would have rejected me right?

What do you guys think? Has anyone been in similar situation?
Thank you.

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Mar 23, 2018

I think this could be a neutral outcome or beneficial.

Neutral: It's possible that HR needs the other partner to case you simply as a formality to give you a proper chance. You "could" exceed in the other case so it wouldn't be fair for them not to give you the chance. This one seems less likely though.

Beneficial: The fact they are doing another case means you couldn't have completely screwed up the other one. If you did, they wouldn't waste their time. As a partner, his time is valuable so interviewing someone they know isn't going to get the job anyway seems counterintuitive.

Seems like you did well enough to still be in the process in my opinion! Best of luck and make sure to review what you tripped up on before.

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Mar 26, 2018

Second this, I would try and kill it, knowing you've worked very hard to make it this far. In my opinion, you are most definitely still being considered.

Mar 26, 2018