Opening Day - Any Baseball Fans Out There?

Today is opening day and the season seems to be starting earlier every year. I am a Mets fan but I will also root for my local team, which is the Phillies.

Any predictions?

The Mets have improved by acquiring Cano, Diaz, Ramos and Lowrie. As a result, they may be able to complete a little better than last year. The Mets fans are hoping for big numbers from the rookie, Alonso. He ripped it up in AA/AAA last year and had a great spring training. Also, the bullpen may not be the disaster that it was last year.

The Phillies have improved substantially. They picked up a bunch of very good players including Harper. They should score a lot of runs this year but their pitching may hold them back. One very good addition to their bullpen was the guy Robertson who previously pitched for the Yankees. The Astros, Dodgers, Red Sox and Brewers should also be very good again.