Paradise At Last

After months of sending hopeful emails, endless intro calls and associates trying to surprise me with technicals, I've landed a full time offer at a boutique starting this summer.

I'll no longer have to worry about how $10 of depreciation affects the three statements and I can worry about how $10 worth of tequila shots affects my liver. 

I take off for Athens, Greece in January for a semester abroad to complete my degree only to come back in May to start spreading comps, projecting revenues, and valuing your mom. 

In all seriousness, it just feels good to finally win one. Hope all is well in my fellow banker bros' lives. Rock on. 

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Dec 13, 2021 - 3:38pm
NoEquityResearch, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Just wait until you start....your next post will be titled "Paradist Lost"

But for now, congrats on the new position kid.

Dec 13, 2021 - 9:18pm
Nontargetmonkey_132, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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