Part-time MBA from Stern or Baruch or UConn

Hi all,

I am considering getting a part-time MBA in the tri-state area. I currently live and work (biotech industry) in Westchester. My employer only covers 40K in tuition. There are several options for me:

NYU Stern Westchester - Tuition 120K. Great location. 20 mins commute, I will be 80K in debt.
Baruch - Tuition 38K. Need to commute 1+ hour to NYC, but employer will cover the tuition.
UConn - Tuition 45K. 20 mins commute, employer covers the majority of the tuition.

I intend to stick with my current company for a few years after getting the degree, and want to go into business such as hedge fund if opportunities arise. What are your suggestions? Which program would provide the best ROI?

Thanks for your input in advance!

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Apr 4, 2016 - 5:42pm

Seconded on Stern being the best bet. Much better for HFs than Baruch, and infinitely better than UConn.

HOWEVER, that 80k difference is pretty substantial - you have to take repayment into account. How easy would it be to repay that with your current salary (I'm sure you can expect salary increases as you go through the program, but I'd recommend using your current comp so as to look at it from a worst-case scenario).

Also, maybe I'm really off (so do some LinkedIn stalking to see), but I really don't think it'd be flat-out impossible to end up at an HF with a Baruch MBA. Martin Shkreli went there as an undergrad and ended up interning at an equity HF while there (before I get monkey shit for that, yes - I know he's a huge d-bag but that does not change the fact he was at an HF during school there and ended up at one post-grad).

Apr 8, 2016 - 9:58am

Thank you very much for the comments, futuremonkey32432344 and PaulAllenIsInLondon. I agree stern is the best bet. I wonder are there any differences between the substance of these programs (e.g. courses, faculty), besides the network and reputation? I also heard that even with a part time MBA from stern, you have to network like crazy to land a job in HF. Companies prefer full time grads and IVY league schools.

PaulAllenIsInLondon - yes the 80K difference is substantial. My current salary is just above 100K so I should be able to repay the debt. Still, I will be looking at $900 a month for 10 years! Also you are not the first person I who mentioned about Martin Shkreli. Someone should really add him to the Baruch wiki as one of the "notable graduates"!

Thank you very much again for your comments!

Aug 8, 2020 - 12:49pm

M.S graduate from non target University. Currently 3 years work experience in public accounting at big 4.Considering part time MBA at Baruch. I know the disadvantages of part time, but unfortunately I know I wont get a high enough GMAT score to be considered for a top MBA program. I would not waste money on full time non target school. My goals would be to earn a front office banking/financial institution role. Not shooting for any BB IB, PE or anything of that sort. Would be looking at corporate banking, real estate finance roles, valuation, advisory etc... Best case would be IB at MM. Would even be willing to start as an analyst despite having an MBA. Desperately want to get out of public accounting. Does a part time MBA at Baruch seem reasonable for my goals?

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Aug 8, 2020 - 11:01pm

Save the money and network your way in plz. You are welcome.

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Aug 11, 2020 - 1:03am

Hell no don't do an MBA from Baruch. I went there for undergrad, and the same teachers that teach the undergrad fin classes teach the mba classes.

The teachers are lazy and don't care. You'll be learning from an outdated curriculum based on a fin textbook. Most of the teachers put little to no effort in making the curriculum, and use the same curriculum over and over again to teach. This means you'll have to learn a lot on your own to learn.

Recruiting - Awful. Martin Shkreli had his internship from his high school days, so that doesn't really count.. The only jobs that are open to Baruch students are back-office ones and accounting. You'll have to fight extremely hard to get anything else.

Don't waste the money, and instead believe in yourself and study harder for the gmat to score high enough to get into a top 10 mba school.

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