PE Mega Fund / Top Tier Upper Middle Market Interviews

I know there are several threads on various topics related to PE interviews, but I was hoping some people who have recently gone through the craziness that is the 1-2 weeks of ~20 PE interviews can shed some light on specific details regarding these interviews.

I understand that all interviews are different and all firms interview differently, but there must be at least some sort of generic format for these interviews (in the long run). If someone can walk through a list of questions of an interview they remember (both what would be considered generic and one that was tough) it would be really appreciated. Just want to get an understanding on how these go and what specific questions I should definitely be prepared for.

Thanks in advance everyone.

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Nov 18, 2014 - 10:49am

Didn't have 20, but most are

1) Tell me about yourself
2) Talk about 1 or 2 transaction in detail (thesis, main financials, valuation, etc)
3) Sometimes a mini case study around your deal
4) Paper LBO (make simple assumptions and ball park IRR) / modeling test (3 statement LBO)
5) If your modeling test was based off of a CIM, you'll probably have to write a short investment thesis on it and go through it with interviewer
6) Some additional technical/behavioral questions

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