¿PE/IB/MBB opportunities Spain?

I posted this yesterday but it was reported/flagged because it was written in spanish:

Not long ago I found about this website, which is really helpful, and after reading about some "non-target --> BB", I was wondering if any Spaniard has a similar story. I have seen that most of those who work at BB, MBB or PE in Spain come mostly from IE, ICADE, overseas universities and some from Enginering backgrounds (Politécnica Madrid, for example), these being always in the top 10% of the class. Many interned in finance related reputable firms within the industry. Honestly, I understand that these universities have a better reputation and that people would rather recruit from the universities they went to and that many of the best internships available are only possible through referrarls.

About me: finance related degree (top 20%) at a top 10-15 university (not top 5), I come from a city with 100-300k inhabitants, state/public school all my life and did the "Bachillerato Tecnológico" (wanted to study engineering prior to finding out about finance), with my grades not being the best but still good (>12 in total after Selectividad). I had no clue what Bloomberg, the S&P 500 nor LinkedIn or Goldman Sachs was until COVID 19 lockdowns (probably the only thing I knew was: money printing = inflation, which I now know is not entirely true) but slowly I started reading and learning more about finance and business (valuation methods, the financial plumbing, macroeconomic trends..) and I found out that I both enjoyed and had a genuine interest in these topics (I even did a "DFC model" for Carrefour). Furthermore, I also started following some very interesting twitter accounts (there are many but some examples could be: @TheLastBearSta1, @AlessioUrban ,@Maroon_Macro, @Michaelxpettis, and for spanish ones: @GalicianInvestor) and started listening to some podcasts (such as Value After Hours - Tobias and Eurodollar University - Jeff Snider). Lastly, I am keen to work in the previously mentioned industries but I am aware thet PE is basically impossible straight out of university and when referring to IB I don't mean M&A (more like AM).

During my 1st year at university I tried networking and although I had some (very few) positive responses, nothing is available until you get half the credits at university (however, these internships were not some of the "fanciest" out there, but still better than nothing). 

I don't know anyone working in anything related to finance (not counting the guy that works at the local bank branch that my mom goes to) so I came here seeking for advice because my chances to get in these industries look very slim (if not 0).

I would love to read about any of you in the comments.


P.D: the website keeps adding canada in the region section for some reason

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Nov 14, 2021 - 5:02am

I'm in the same situation, wich university are you enrolled? Universitat de Valencia here😅. I didn't started networking yet bc you can't really do almost no internships until the summer after 3rd year (you can do after 2nd year but, most of the summer internships are for students on their last or penultimate year), but will start soon.

If you want, we can talk on pm.

Nov 16, 2021 - 1:30pm

Change to a better positioned university like IE or ICADE or go to a very good university abroad. That's what is required if you want to entry to the industry.

Nov 16, 2021 - 1:49pm

Thank you for your honest response. Would you be 100% sure that there isn't another way to enter the industry? For example, if somehow you get relevant internships or if you are a top performer at your class (not at these universities).

And, what would you define as a good university aborad? Surely ICADE is not at the same level as Cambridge (other countries usually have better universities).

Dec 3, 2021 - 10:53pm

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