Penn State v UNC MBA

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Need some advice...I recently have been accepted to both the PSU and the UNC online programs. Currently I'm debating whether to choose UNC which is ~50K more than PSU based on namesake, alumni etc. To give context, I currently am a mid level Finance exec who's had +20yrs on the job experience. I have a position in a large company and the MBA is to help achieve the next level whether it be w/in my current company or whether i choose to move to another. That said, does it REALLY matter which school i choose at this point in my career/life? I understand younger candidates lean toward the UNC name or are able to apply to the more traditional route. My bachelors is from UCLA and the only reason i did online, is due to the convenience as opposed to committing to a Stern or Columbia etc. Is it worth paying more for a higher ranked school and do most companies look at where you went..maybe if i decide to go into a hedge fund?

any thoughts out there would be greatly appreciated!

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Jan 22, 2020

How would any MBA help you at this point? At this point, you should be getting paid for performance, not degrees. Unless there is something else of which I am unaware about your situation.

Jan 22, 2020

A majority(90%) of the CFOs in the company have an MBA, additionally Finance wasnt even my major and just happen to be oddly good w/numbers. I've toyed with the fact that it may be good to get an MBA and layer on the CPA or get an additional JD, but would prefer to do this w/a higher degree and/or credits in finance i lack for a CPA.

Jan 27, 2020

Have you considered an Executive MBA? I think that may be better suited for someone over 40.

Jan 27, 2020