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Hi guys,

So I live in New York City, and my life is pretty damn good. So my greatness has all been sparked by my father, a big time Petroleum Director who works directly with the Petroleum Titans of Saudi Arabia (OPEC), in Saudi Arabia.

My father and I want to live in the same city (nyc), however, my Dad is what every company would call pure Grinder and Technical muscle because of his ability to work with data and make conclusions on analysis that most people would struggle with.

My father was top of his Class in Undergrad Geophysics, Masters and PhD from a top 10 U.S. (full scholarship - top student in everything) University in his discipline, Physics and Geology Research. All the schools he attended are non-targets, but definitely part of the schools that rank after the targets.

His industry experience is incredible, works for the #1 Petroleum Services Company now, and he has a mega-track record with a list of patents in his name backing up everything he does/done (most of the patents and business deals were with Shell, Saudi Aramco, Exxon, Chevron, BP, and more). He has worked in China, Indonesia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Dubai, more. I guarantee that anyone who sees his resume will be very impressed.

The Problem:
My father is almost 60, however, he has a very young nature. He looks 45 and plays tennis like a typical Ivy League jock in his 30s. A career change through my eyes and his is not out of the question. The real issue is, is it too late for a career shift? not a change.

Now, what I really need help with:
I could sit behind my laptop and get a list of more than 60 recruiters for each Big Consulting firm using the internet and try to get my father into one of the energy consulting sectors, but I wanted to utilize WSO's main purpose, which is advising and information from other professionals in the industry, city, etc...

Questions I need your advice on:

1) Is it too late for my father to make a career shift into energy consulting with Big Consulting firms (McK, Bain, BCG, Other Energy consulting firms)?

2) Are there any consulting firms that any of you belong to or deal with that focus on Energy Consulting with Big Petroleum Companies?

3) Any advice in general anyone can give?

4) Are there other cities with top caliber energy consulting in the Northeast?

I really appreciate your time guys, cheers.