Pimco Product Analyst FT 2018

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Did anybody that applied to the Product Analyst FT position at PIMCO receive an email from their Campus Recruiting Team asking to respond back within 24 hours with location preference? i.e. to pick between Newport Beach or New York.

It wasn't an option on the application so i'm trying to understand whether this email was an indication of whether they will offer first round interviews based on location preference after initial screening or a general everyone who applied for the position got an email situation?

ALSO, has anybody already had first round interviews for this position? If so when did you receive the invite?

PS I'm trying to understand whether they liked my resume after initial screening lol I really want this position so any intel would be great!!

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Sep 27, 2017

You were supposed to include it in your cover letter. I got my resume passed on to the normal app round so they probably liked it enough to follow up on that.

Sep 28, 2017

What do you mean normal app round? pls explain

Sep 27, 2017

There's early selection which went down in sept-oct and normal selection that goes through oct-nov.

Apr 28, 2018