PLEASE HELP: GS GIR SA 2nd round interview

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Hello everyone..

I applied for GS GIR SA for 2015 at one of Asian offices (not HK, China, Japan).
I had 1st round phone interview on December 2014, and today I've just got the invitation letter regarding 'final round interviews' from HK HR staffs.

So, Is there any tip for final round interviews?
- technical or fit questions?
- how many stock pitches should I prepare for
- and so on...

Many thanks in advance.

Update: I've got a phone call from HR and the representative said I will meet two managers tomorrow via video conference and will have another interview with three managers at local office next week.

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Jan 15, 2015


Jan 23, 2015

* Know the financial statements, how the link to each other, EBIT & EBITDA.

* Valuation methods, important to know DCF.

* Have 4 stocks ready, and at least 3 from different industries.

Good luck.

Jan 28, 2015

Mostly fit questions and some basic finance and accounting. For example, explain some valuation methods, and walk me through them.

Taek have you received any offer yet? I'm waiting on mine, been more than a month and I'm getting real worried.

Jan 29, 2015

Shoot the recruiter an email. I got a phone offer but my physical offer never showed so they overnighted a new one to me.

If still waiting for a phone offer you might be waitlisted, with GS GIR/IMD I went no longer than a week without hearing anything (both yes and no).

Jan 29, 2015

Hi, thank you for your comment. I've not heard anything from them since I had my final round interviews last week. Do you think I might be waitlisted? I applied for one of Asian office...

Jan 29, 2015

Navy-fan, I contacted the HR 2 weeks ago and she said she is finalizing last week or this week but I haven't heard anything from them till now. Going to shoot them another email later today.

Did you apply for the ART program or no?

Jan 31, 2015

Hey, have you received any reply from HR? I've not heard anything from them...till now.

Jan 31, 2015

Just wondering for your stock pitch did you build your own model?

Feb 5, 2015

I haven't heard anything back from them either since the last email from HR 3 weeks ago.

I hope they are really busy with their stuff and hopefully we are not put on the waitlist. If we are, very slim chance of hearing good news.

Jan 29, 2015

What valuation methods might they want to hear about other than comps, DCF?

Feb 2, 2015

Not sure what ART is, just applied basic NYC GIR.

GS is pretty on top of their shit so it's surprising that you have not heard anything.

As for questions: no first round, NYC superday with a lot of fit/why research questions, as well as big-picture macro stuff (i.e. explain the drop in oil prices). Had to give a 2 min stock pitch as well.

Then 2 phone interviews with VPs. One was more technical and had a macroeconomic case (trade and FX), second was all fit type stuff.

Then another phone interview with a MD. Basically all fit, why GS.

**I am an International Economics major in a well known Foreign Service school so that might have changed what types of questions I got.

Feb 5, 2015