Please Help! Post-Superdays Advice

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Hi All,

I had two supers last week for FT IB recruitment @ (1) Boutique (2) MM firms.

The first was on Thursday, where I had it with the established boutique - the firm had two superdays available Thurs/Fri, and I went with the earlier option - there were a few candidates on Thurs, then a load on Fri. The second was on Friday with the MM firm - I just received notice that I am on the waitlist for them.

It'd be very helpful to get the following advice: is it worth reaching out to the recruiter from the boutique to see where their heads are at? I'm getting to a very desperate time, and I would accept them hands down - I thought my interview went decently, but nothing above par. Also, how can I improve my chances to get off the waitlist? Is it too early to start reaching out to some of the folk / should I hang tight for now?

Would really appreciate your responses. Thanks.

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Oct 1, 2018

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