Pre-MBA consulting internship

I'm going to a top MBA program this fall with the ultimate goal of either management consulting or some sort of product management role in a tech company. My background is in software and while I really enjoy the work/life balance I have read a lot regarding consulting that makes it attractive.

I'm planning on staying at my current job (only post-college one I've had) through May and was considering trying to find some sort of pre-MBA internship in the summer to get some sort of feel for what another industry would be like.

Is this at all common/feasible? How difficult would it be to get consulting experience somewhere. Is this something that MBB would seriously value or is it just going to be another small bullet on the resume?

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Apr 30,2017

Hey, what ended up happening with this? Any luck?

I'm in a similar position, starting at H/S/W and looking for ops in finance to get my feet wet

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Apr 30,2017