Profile Review & questions: Deferred enrollment programs (2+2, etc)

I came across this page and I'd like some advice. I specifically would like to know any blind spots I'll have applying to a deferred enrollment MBA with a Life Science background. I'm incoming at MBB in Dallas this summer FT. I'd also like any advice on whether I should actually go for deferred enrollment, or just wait a few years and apply later. Any info/advice is totally welcomed!


I'm looking to get into a Deferred enrollment program, like HBS 2+2, GSB deferred, MIT Sloan deferred, etc.

Work experience: Incoming Associate Consultant at MBB, Senior Associate at Social Impact Venture Capital, Biotech consulting lab, cancer research, biotech startup founder (failed)

Extra curriculars: President and Founder of Scientists into Business Club, Management Consulting Club member, Nonprofit business development mentor, Case team lead of Collegiate consulting group, President of Alaska statewide CTSO (SkillsUSA), former LDS missionary in Colorado

Undergrad school/major: I am at BYU, ranked 66th in US News college report. Major is Genetics and Biotechnology.

Other education/coursework: N/A

Race/nationality: White

Sex: Male

Extra: Grew up poor in a trailer park in Alaska. First to graduate college in my family: Father is a disabled veteran, mother is a medical assistant. I used my background story in my cover letter when I applied to MBB, and one of the partners read it, sent it down to the recruiting team, and everyone said that, "It's the best cover letter I've ever read," so no worries for the essay part.


GMAT Score (include breakdown!): Taking on the 15th, practice tests have put me at 680 (give or take 10). I am readily working to improve it, but dadgum I'm not getting how to do sentence correction.

Undergrad GPA: 3.95.

MBA Info

Goal of MBA: Build network, gain business acumen. Standard path for MBB.

Target schools: Top 10, any with deferred enrollment

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