Progress for the sake of progress

This is a great article on the outlook Silicon Valley companies often have. It seems like they are making progress for the sake of progress sometime. I like how well they point how how these companies have left their core constituency behind (Apple's headphone jack fiasco... etc.)

The tech industry often operates under the belief that the world's ails can be cured or at the very least sanitized with just the right kind of tech, from inconsequential things (can't find a date? Just swipe) to matters of convenience (a drone will deliver that for you) to the literal difference between life and death (don't worry, big data will help you live to 120). These are all human problems. And yet 2016 was the year tech seemed to forget about the humans: the way we work, what makes us tick, and that we're all, actually, fragile and complex beings.

I think that sometimes companies get too ahead of themselves trying to be the next best thing, or beat a competitor to a market segment, that they forget who their audience is. This article points out some great examples Samsung, Tesla, Apple, GoPro... etc.

What are your thoughts monkeys, do you miss your headphone jack?

In 2016, the tech industry forgot about people Oh, the humanity